Wholesale European Nightcrawlers Eisenia Hortensis in North Georgia

Wholesale European Nightcrawlers, Eisenia Hortensis in Dawsonville Ga. 30534

The Best Trout Worm Lumbricus Rubellus               

  Like the red wiggler or redworm just 3 times bigger, better for composting, better for Vermicomposting, better for fishing.


Looks just like a Red Wiggler on steroids.

Contrary to what you might have read, I have found these to be one of the best worms out there. With the only exeption being the African Nightcrawler



European Red Worms also known as european nightcrawlers, or bulgium red worms "Eisenia hortensis" make an excellent multipurpose worm that is an excellent compost worm and also an excellent fishing worm. They are also good for use as an exotic pet food, especially where a larger worms are desired.

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